Apache VirtualHost on Mac OSX

note to self: to set up a virtual host named viho for local web development testing on OSX El Capitan (and probably earlier): define an alias name in /etc/hosts: localhost viho ::1 localhost viho setup the virtual host configuration file /etc/apache2/other/viho.conf: <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot "/path/to/where/the/files/are" ServerName viho </VirtualHost> browse to http://viho/ and enjoy.

Run IntelliJ IDEA with actual Java version on OS X

With every update of IntelliJ IDEA, I stumble over this: IDEA wants to run on Java Version 6. As I don’t have this buggy outdated version on my Mac anymore, I always have to patch the config. To do this, locate the file named Info.plist in the Contents folder of the IntelliJ IDEA 14 CE.app directory. Open the file with TextEdit or any text editor of your choice and change the line