Note March 2022: This project was a small showcase for the use of the mapjfx library. It is not maintained anymore.

trakxmap is a desktop application where you can import gpx track data which may come from sources like GPS receivers or tracking programs on a smartphone. The tracks are shown on a map along with statistical information about speed, altitude, duration.

No online account is required to store the data, it’s all local to your computer. An internet connection only is needed for getting the map data.

The sources are available on GitHub. Java 8 is needed to build and run the application, from trakxmap version 0.4.1 on Java Version 1.8u40 or greater is needed, as this introduced the Dialog and Alert classes that are used in the program-

Current version is 0.6.0.

Up to now the following features are implemented:

  • drag gpx-files into the application to load the track data or select via filechooser
  • the selected track is shown in the map
  • the track data is persisted in the internal database
  • if the gpx data contain a route it is displayed along with the tracks
  • track list is ordered, latest track at top
  • additional track info in the track list view
  • map type is selectable
  • display of track duration, length etc.
  • display elevation data
  • waypoints are displayed as markers
  • waypoint names are displayed as labels

Here is a screen shot of the current version:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-01 um 09.10.12

Still to do:

  • customization of track colors, track width etc.

Comments and collaboration welcome.